~~Don’t Be Careless About Facebook Posts~~

Dear SISTERS remove your photos from social sites immediately!
This is a confirmed message. A
new online business group from
Sri Lanka selling female’s edited
PHOTOS to pornsites by downloading the PHOTOS from FACEBOOK ! Highly paid
professional graphic designers are hired to edit women’s photo and the make it so realistic, it looks 100% real ! Each photo they earn $10 .Recently there have been many reports of divorces and cancellation of engagements because of these PHOTOS found in Internet.
Don’t put Yourself in trouble by uploading your Pictures and finding yourself naked in the
Internet and don’t spoil your
future by having entertainment on FACEBOOK !!

Send the blog URL ( DaHoney.wordpress.com ) to your sisters and let them know the reallty of social sites.

And Sisters , Don’t attach Your email address if you wanna Comment on this post. It’s a other thing that email address is show only to me, but I don’t want you have any suspicion on me in the future.
May my Facebook Profile be impressive for you but, don’t send me friend request and don’t like and comment on my posts, because anyone can see your account and start to teasing you, I’ll not responsible for that by anyway.
It’s written for your privacy, otherwise depand on yourself.


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