JNU student attacks female friend with cleaver, then kills himself

A 23-year-old student attacked a woman classmate with a cleaver, stabbing her
repeatedly outside their classroom at Delhi’s
prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University this morning,
before slitting his own throat.

The student, Akash, was in the middle of an
argument with his classmate, Roshni, 22, when he
suddenly hit her on the head and then stabbed her
again and again on the neck with the cleaver,
inflicting serious injuries.

Other students who witnessed the incident said
Akash then turned on them with a gun and
threatened to shoot when they tried to help a badly
wounded Roshni. Some claimed that he did pull the
trigger but the country-made pistol did not shoot.

The student then slit his own throat with the cleaver

A student who was there said, “Akash was very
disturbed. He had a country-made gun and
threatened students. He was not allowing us to enter
the classroom, but we managed to enter. He injured
himself before we could do anything.”

Akash and Roshni were rushed to hospital, but the
young man died on the way, of poisoning, doctors
said. The police said he seemed to have consumed
rat poison before he attacked the young woman. The
injury to his throat was superficial.

Roshni is reportedly in critical condition at the
Safdarjung Hospital.

Both Akash and Roshni were third-year students of
Korean at JNU’s school of languages and both lived
in hostels on campus. The police are trying to find out
why Akash attacked Roshni. They are also
investigating how he managed to get the weapons
to class.

Shocked students at JNU are now demanding better


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