The Worst Snacks for Weight Loss

Choosing wrong snacks is one of the most common mistakes that novice weight losers make. Wrong snacking not just puts an additional calorie load on your body but it also may prove to be bad for your health. Here is what you need to know about worst snacking choices.

Would you believe if I told you that a single snack decision of the day can affect your weekly diet plan? It is entirely in your hands to either choose to snack on foods that would compliment your diet or let unhealthy or contradictory snacking choices ruin your weekly diet chart.

Worst snacks for Weight Loss

Get rid of Peanuts, Diet Crackers and Cashews

Yes, please get rid of these foods if you are serious about losing weight. Peanuts carry a hell load of calories. Many professional people keep these snacks in their side draws. Imagine this, you start working and then you feel like munching something to just keep yourself productive. It is impossible to keep account of the number of peanuts and cashews that would go down your mouth in just a couple of minutes while you are working.

Most of the nutritionists discourage use of diet crackers because the complete list of condiments used to prepare these snacks often remains undisclosed. When we are considering healthy snacking, we are not only bothered about number of calories but also think about the quantity of sodium and sugar consumed per day. A packet of diet crackers, made from multi-grain flour, may offer you low calorie snacking option but at the cost of adding extra salt to your daily sodium consumption. You definitely don`t want to deal with water retention while trying so hard to lose weight now, do you? People who are fond of flavor of peanuts may be thinking about switching to unsalted peanuts but we would still recommend that you stay away from foods with such high calorific value.

Fruits can also be the Worst of Weight Loss Snacks

You may hear many say, “Fruits are always the best snacks and one may eat fruits at any time, and as much as one want to eat- so wrong! True, fruits are awesome but when one is trying to lose weight then even some of the fruits need to be avoided. Grapes, dates and mangoes top this list.

Grapes look small but they are loaded with calories. A single grape has just 3 calories. Now, you may ask, if a single grape has just 3 calories then what is all the fuss about? Well, the reason is very simple. When you begin to snack on grapes you really can`t be done with just a few. 10 grapes have around 35 calories, and we usually end up eating 30 to 50 grapes at one time. This adds up to about additional 150 calories. While trying to lose weight every 100 calories consumed is critical. You need to make sure that you are consuming lesser number of calories and are burning more number of calories than what you consume.


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