6 Ways to Hike Your Energy Levels and Stay Productive

Productivity next exit

In today’s information age, when we can practically browse the entire world in a matter of few clicks; there are so many things we want to buy, so many places we want to visit, so many things we want to try with just not enough time and money.

Not all of us have sky-high aspirations, but we all carry our own bucket list in our heads. Unfortunately, for most of us, the process of getting the life we want starts with working on things we are not exactly keen on. Most days we are never really going to “feel” like doing things we are supposed to do. You have to fake it till you make it. To tackle the responsibility of the drabbest jobs and the most mundane errands, you have to ensure productivity by constantly keeping your energy levels up and steady, which, sometimes, can be quite a challenge for even the best of us.

Here are a few measures you can take to boost yourself through some of your busiest days.

1. Banish darkness, let there be light!

Circadian rhythm – our body’s internal clock that regulates our twenty hour sleep / wake pattern and takes care of several other physiological processes is heavily influenced by light. The more natural light or bright lights are there at your workplace, the easier it would be for your body to set you on work mode.

2. Don’t slack, leap right out of bed to tackle the day

If you keep on hitting the snooze button every ten minutes to steal another half an hour’s sleep; then don’t. You are wasting time and not really getting any additional rest.

If getting up the moment the alarm rings a painful struggle on a daily basis; then it just goes to show that you are not getting enough sleep. Hit the bed earlier. Dim the lights and grab a book or magazine by the lamp side to lull yourself to sleep. Ensure absolute darkness for quality slumber.

The light and noise from phones, tablets, laptops and televisions, on the other hand, discourages timely closure for bedtime and leaves you cranky and sluggish the following day.

A little bit of yoga is another great way to switch on a positive power mode early in the morning. If you already workout in the morning, that is a great start. But even a short, mild workout can rev you up for the day.

For instance, try and hold each of the stretches in the picture given below for five deep breaths. The stretches need not necessarily be as deep as demonstrated and anytime a pose feels uncomfortable, stand straight up, before attempting it again.

Yoga to instantly feel energized

3. Too many caffeine punches will knock you out!


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