Natural Nutrition or Supplements? ChooseWisely

Natural foods vs Supplements

Apart from pumping iron at gym you shall require external help to build body muscles. But what is it going to be? Natural foods or formulated supplements? You ought to make an informed decision.

It is human nature to always seek solutions that simplify life. In the past 3 decades more and more people have become aware of the importance of fitness and therefore we see more gym goers around today than ever before. But achieving fitness is far from being a piece of cake. Much hard work is required. To simplify this work, gym goers take assistance from nutrition. From synthetic supplement formulations to naturally occurring super foods you shall come across a voluminous amount of choices. It is hard to select type of nutrition that one must use to build muscles, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

For a novice bodybuilder any supplement that has been advertised actively may seem immensely attractive. And, foods may seem quite ordinary in front of these power-packed formulations. Before we begin to point out pros and cons of each of these types, let us get one thing very clear. Every type of nutritional support comes with limitations. We strongly recommend that you keep an open mind and take a decision based on what suits best to your body.

Understanding the Game of Calories

The rules are pretty simple. If you want to gain weight then you should eat more calories than required by your body. If you wish to lose weight then you need to eat less number of calories than your body needs. The number of calories needed by your body depends on several factors like your gender, age, height, weight and BMR. You can use BMR calculators to find out about your ideal calorie count. BMR rate is calculated using weight and height. You can use these calculators online.

A male, at beginners stage, requires about 3200 to 3500 calories. The fact is that 1 kilogram of human muscle can generate 7700 calories and so, you need to eat accordingly.


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