India Vs South Africa Prediction

World Cup Feb 22 India v South africa result and scorecard prediction-

India won its first match in cricket world cup 2015 again Pakistan, quite in style. The same point, which we had pointed- 16 in reverse order to misbah’s 28, led to the victory. And it came up in Pak Vs Ind scorecard too, the score came in 300/7 or 37 pattern, reverse to 28. Now, its time to talk about the next important match- India v south africa score and result prediction based on numerology astrology.

The number ’14’ factor

When there is a 14 [the destiny number of match date is adding to fourteen], one can avoid changing it to 15 because fourteen could strongly create its double number 28.

So, the date and destiny, keeping in mind the ’14’ factor would look something like this-


28 =50  + 1 [sunday] = 51

Here the pattern is important, it is 41. When it changes to 51, we get a 61. Again, this number immediately reminds us of 23.

The ’54’ maths

As you can see, the original date pattern for the South africa v India match is 22/14 or 45. For this to change into 54, the sunday [1] might become minus 1= 8.

And double of 8 54= 16 0

Tomorrow, the half pair number 21-25 could simply the matter like this [assumption]-

22 + 1 [sun]

= 23/54

= 46 0

South Africa winning chance, based on the above pattern, rest on any of these direct order numbers-

32, 41, 61, 64, 82.

Anything in reversed digits or with a ‘zero’ would strengthen India’s win chance. But yes, zero present along with seven series is not suitable for Indian team captain, his birth date is seven. These things will get reflected in the score or target [if these effects would take place at all]. If not 15, number 48 could rescue India.

Non numerical facts-

Sunday mean 1 and is best suited for number 5. SA team numerological value is 41 [5], so is its captain AB Devilliers’ destiny number 32. Number 5 thrives well on sundays.

Astrology prediction for Ind Vs SA match

Again, this prediction is based on the concepts of sports astrologer John Fawley. 1st batting lagna has Rahu [within three degrees] in the 7th [opponent] house. This gives victory to the opponent. And at the second batting lagna, the ascendant lord Venus is deposited in the first lagna lord Jupiter’s house [which is also the exalted house of Venus]. So, favors from 1st batting team should be expected. .

[Yes, moon present in the first lagna is creating doubts, it is getting aspects from Jupiter too. Considering the fact that moon is new, the rahu point could show affect more] Seems so, second batting team win.

Scorecard and results predictions for feb 22 India v south africa match



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