Earn upto Rs 60 per app install using Flipkart affiliate program

[Still Live] These days, affiliate
marketing has became an
excellent source of making money
online. If you are aware, Flipkart
has been conducting affiliate
program for all Indian bloggers
from past 2 years, which helps
them in making some cool money.

No doubt, I am one of them! By
the way, I have already listed ‘ top
10 trusted affiliate networks‘ in
one of my article on spycoupon.
So let us focus on actual offer

If you have got an affiliate account
for Flipkart, then here is a good
deal waiting for you. Also, getting
the approval account is not that
tedious. To target android app
users, Flipkart has started referral
program. It is little bit similar to
Snapdeal refer & earn campaign.
There’s just one difference: you
will need affiliate account which is
not the case with Snapdeal.

How to earn 60 Rs per
flipkart app install ?
  1. Download flipkart shopping
    app using this link
    . After
    installing the app, you will also
    get Mobikwik cashback
    coupon worth 50 Rs!
  2. Sign up for the affiliate
    and you will surely
    get approval within a day.
  3. Login to your Flipkart affiliate
    account and you will see
    something like this on home

  4. Just scroll down the page and
    copy affiliate url for Flipkart
    app install campaign.

  5. Now, share this url with your
    friends and ask them to
    download the app. (Applicable
    only for new or first time
  6. Here is detailed commission
    chart as per the operating


  • FallBack Installs: user clicks
    on any flipkart url on mobile
    and ends up with installing the
  • Direct Installs:user directly
    clicks on your referral link and
    installs the app.

How to redeem earned
money ?

There are 2 ways to redeem your

  1. Wire transfer to bank account
  2. In the form of EGV (E- Gift
    Vouchers), which can be used
    for instant discounts on

How to check earnings?

To get app installs report, simply
follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Flipkart affiliate
  2. Now, navigate to Reports >
    App installs report
    Refer to the image given


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