Communication that really improves


Communication is something we all know is
necessary to keep any relationship strong and
loving, and although we are aware of the
importance of communication, we still seem to be
clueless about what exactly good communication
really is. This does not mean you are clueless as a person, but it does mean that more attention is
required on your part, so that you can become
more open and invite the many forms of
communication that exist, so that you will be able
to understand yourself and your partner much
better. There is nothing that keeps a relationship healthy, better than understanding and once you
start becoming more familiar with your
communicating styles, as well as your partners, you
will be able to work better as a team in making the
best of your relationship. The first step in achieving better communication
that will really work, is to take a look at you first.
People always tend to turn to their partner first
when things are not running so smoothly in their
relationship. They automatically start pointing out
what their partner is doing or not doing, as well as how their partner is not listening to them. This may
all be true depending on your particular situation,
but it is important that you take the responsibility in
reviewing your own actions and communication
first, before you can point anything out in your
partner. Remember, it is very easy to see other people’s mistakes, but when it comes to looking at
you, it is much harder to accept criticism, even from
yourself- because no one wants to be wrong. This
is where you need to get real about things.
Communication is not about who is right or wrong,
but instead about helping each other see things from each other’s perspective, so that you can be
on the page and avoid any misunderstanding that
will cause unneeded arguments.


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