10 Date& Flirt for Success Secrets

We all know that flirting is a way for people to
show their attraction to each other. The
question is how do we flirt for success? If you
want to flirt and succeed in getting the person
you want, then follow these 10 secrets:
Eye Power

If you spot a person who you are interested in attracting, then make sure to make
distinct eye contact with him or her. Once the two of
you make that contact, give them a smile that lets
them know that you are very happy to see them
and that you find them very attractive. You know
the smile we are talking about! The smile that tells people just how confident and sexy you can be!
Give them that fixed, luring eye that they just will
not be able to resist!

Smiling Sexy

is one of the most irresistible things about a person is their sexy smile! Make a habit of
smiling a lot when you are out. You do not have to
smile for no reason 24 hours a day of course, but
do smile when you make eye contact with people.
It will draw them to you, because people find
smiling very confident and desirable. The next time you see an attractive person you like,
use your pearly whites as bait! If you wish to
succeed in hinting all the right hints and getting the
reaction you are looking for, then Playful Humor is
the way to go! You can apply this on a person you
just met, or on a date. Pick a good time in your conversation to lightly pick on him or her about
something or make light jokes at your expense!
People find it a turn on when you are able to laugh
at yourself and make them laugh. Avoid making
critical jokes about other people though, for it will
only make you look insensitive and you will not succeed.

Touchy Feely

is something you should only do if the both of you are on a comfortable level. Doing a
little touchy feely on a date will put you on the right
track! It lets your date know that they are wanted
and desired and they will most likely respond to
you with some touchy feely as well! Do it gently and
never go overboard. For example, if you are at dinner, you can eventually gently place your hand
on his or her hand and then smile. See how they

Bring up Sexy Talk

the one main subject that men and women have in common in the first place lust
and sex! Do not get too detailed or pornographic,
but just start by asking what turns him or her on in
a person. If the respond comfortably, the two of
you may take the conversation as far as the both of
you wish it to! Or if you see someone who catches your eye, say something such as, You have a very
captivating smile or Your eyes are so hypnotic and
inviting. Choose your words wisely, for you want to
please them and have them desire you, not get
offended by you!

If you want to be a successful flirt and attract
your date, then Take Charge!

Never wait for them to take the lead in a date. In fact, you will be
making it easier on them by taking over as host
and that will really impress them and draw them
even closer to you. Make sure you know a few
good and interesting topics to bring up before your
date, so that you do not run out of ideas and get stuck! However, you do not want to over talk
either, otherwise you will come as a chatterbox and
turn him or her off.

You need to be a good Listening Skills as well!

Everyone likes to be heard and paid attention to, so
be a good date by giving your date that attention
they crave so dearly for. By being a good listener,
you will prove to your date that you are indeed
very interested in them and it will make them open
up to you even more!

If you see someone you find attractive

, a good way to succeed getting to know them is by staring
at them and Getting Busted for it! You have to get
caught; otherwise they will never know you had
your eye on them. Do not stare at him or her in a
sense that could scare them off, but do it
mysteriously, and when he or she catches you doing so, just give them a friendly and bright smile.

If they smile back, you can go up to them and
say hello

Giving a sweet Wink is another successful and obvious way of flirting! Just do it
once after making eye contact with that certain
person and see how they react. If they react
positively and you wish to pursue further with the
flirting, then you can say hello and ask him or her
how they are doing today, and ask them for a name. Last but not least, it is also essential to
Compliment the person you have a particular
interest in attracting. By complimenting them, you
will make them feel special and attractive and this is
exactly what you must do if you wish to be a
successful flirt and expert. Examples of compliments would be making a nice comment on
their hair, clothing, perfume or cologne, eyes, smile
and so on. Avoid making comments on their body
parts, especially with women because you will most
likely offend them and come off as a pervert, which
is not what you are aiming for! By following these secrets, you can hardly go wrong in getting to
know the people you lust to meet!


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