It is the event we all dream about: our wedding
day. We all picture ourselves eventually settling
down with the
perfect partner and build a strong and wonderful
married life together and even create a family.
There is a lot more to marriage besides the romance and love you feel for one another. A good and
healthy marriage requires effort and team work.
The both of you will enter the marriage together
and therefore will have to continue to precede the
marriage together. Before proposing or setting that
date, take time to sit down with yourself first and ask yourself the following questions:

What makes this Person the One?

Obviously your first answer will be because you
love him or her. That is not the question. The
question is, what makes this person, out of all the
other relationships you have been in, the one you
want to spend the rest of your life with? It is
important to make a mental list on this, to prevent yourself from entering a marriage for the wrong
reasons. An example of a wrong reason would be
marrying because you feel that time is running out
for you. Do not pressure yourself or allow others to
pressure you with the idea that you are getting old
and may never have another opportunity to get married.

Prepared to play the Wife or Husband role?

Before you get too excited and jump into any
marriage, first ask yourself if you are ready to be a
wife or husband. Being a spouse is different than
being a boyfriend, girlfriend or fiance. It requires
new and more responsibilities and a lot more
attention. Its not that you cannot continue to be independent, but you will have to share everything
and everyone that is a part of your life if you want
to have a trusting and open marriage.

Ready for a financial challenge?

Being married is not like dating where you cover
the dinner bill or pay for the movie tickets. It
involves new and more expensive bills. This is a
subject you should discuss with your partner so
that there are no unpleasant surprises later.
Whether the both of you work or one of you stays at home, it is essential that you know ahead of time
of how you plan to handle all financial challenges,
including insurances and emergencies.

Can you stay committed and faithful?

You need to be sure that you have all your
curiosities about other people out of your system. If
you love your partner but still wonder how it
would be to see other people, than you probably
should wait to have the wedding a little later down
the road. In fact, if you really feel the need to see other people, you should not be afraid to share it
with your partner. Tell him or her that it has nothing
to do with your love for them, but you need to see
if this chapter is closed for good. Being able to
commit and stay faithful is one of the biggest things
that will keep your marriage together.

Can you live with his/her lifestyles?

If you do not already live together, then really pay
attention to your partner’s habits and way of living.
Though you cannot know everything there is to
know about a person, it is good to get an idea. If he
or she has certain habits that drive you crazy, it can
be worked out with effort on both your parts. However, if you feel you can never get along with
certain things, then perhaps the two of you should
continue dating and getting to each other before
making any big decisions. These are only some
questions you should
definitely find answers to
before getting married. If
you are confused on any of
them or cannot find an answer, then do not get
married until you do. If you
want a marriage that will be
happy, healthy and last
forever, you should never
involve yourself in a marriage until you decide you are truly ready for it.


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